Student Choice Debate

Utopia v Dystopia Unit

Culminating Task Due 12/13 & Debate 12/18-12/20

After reviewing the last unit is clear that more time needs to be spent on reading non fiction and identifying authors' claims and purposes.

Culminating Tasks Due: 10/25/13


Our current resolution is: People should be able to rent pets before owning them.

Students will :

1. Research and answer their questions using technological research strategies.earch and answer their questions using technological research strategies
2. Outline and organize facts
3. Generate a claim
4. Go through the writing process and create a piece of argumentative writing
5. Prepare and execute and in class debate on the proposed resolution.

Please visit the units section of my wikispace for any documents needed.


Students must prepare a muckraking article where they expose an issue (fast food, the music industry, tobacco industry etc.). Students must research a topic and provide facts on that topic. Then, students will expose the issue in a 5 paragraph piece of writing.

Writing Should Be:
1. Organized (Intro, 3 body paragraphs, Conclusion)
2. Factual (Cite evidence and explain evidence)
3. Clear & Bold (Use strong vocab words and pay attention to wording)
4. Correct (capitalized/ punctuated/ spelled correctly, grammatically correct)
5. Edited & Revised
6. Published & Complete
++ Extra Credit for Visuals ++++