Letter To Parents September 2013

Dear Parents and Families,

My name is Ms. Giblin and I am your child’s 6th Grade Debate Teacher. This year, your child will learn debate, argumentative writing and if they choose, they may compete in city wide and national competitions.
Debate has proven to be very effective with ensuring academic success. This school is affiliated with The New York City Urban Debate League. You can find out more about them at: http://www.nycudl.org.

This class is very writing and research intensive. Your child will use iPads and computers during the class. A permission slip is to follow. Culminating Tasks are 35% of the grade, Performance Tasks 20%, Homework 15%, Participation & Classwork 15% and Quizzes 15%. It is essential that your child attends class and comes prepared and up to date with projects.

This class requires: a composition notebook, 2 folders (one for drafts and one for handouts), pens and a pack of loose leaf. Please make sure your child has these items no later than 9/13/2013.

As discipline and positive behavior are key to an effective classroom, if your child receives an infraction I will first discuss the matter with him or her, if it persists, call you or ask for a parent conference, and if it still persists follow up with administrative measures. If you need to reach me, my email is: egiblin@jhs144.com or please call the school office: (718) 379-7400.

Finally, please write on the back of this or on a piece of loose leaf in 300 words or less things I should know about your child. This is due 9/16/13.


Ms. Giblin