Welcome to 6th Grade Debate and 8th Grade Social Studies with Ms. Giblin


Welcome to debate and social studies.


Student Choice Debate!

Due: 5/30

Students will complete a written debate on a topic of their choosing!
This week, students will submit a proposal of the topic they want to argue and begin researching. We will research, organize, edit, revise and conference. Then, we will publish the writing. After the written piece is submitted we will work on presenting the argument using powerpoint or prezi.

On going homework:

Who will win for the week of 5/16?? The overall 3 highest scorers of the 6th grade will receive PIZZA the following week :)

6th graders:

Harrison Bergeron argument due: 3/7/14
The Veldt argument due: 3/28/14

We are arguing whether or not the societies in these stories are Utopias or Dystopias.

For links to the stories:
Harrison Bergeron: http://wordfight.org/bnw/bnw-unit_packet.pdf

The Veldt:

8th Graders:

Short story analysis & creative writing due 1/31

6th Graders:

Snow Day Argument & Student Choice Argument Due 1/31

Upcoming Tournaments:

2/8 & 4/5

2/8 may either be a debate at ICE (E 15th Street) or a Story Telling competition....more news on that soon!
        • If more students are interested in story telling we will attend that competition

4/5 Last MSQI debate at ICE

Check the calendar for dates below: